Nikhil Navadiya

A full-stack developer who is passionate about to make web "awesomely" as possible.


Hi! I am a full-stack engineer with a deep passion for building usable, functional & pretty web applications. I have extensive programming experience and I'm comfortable with both front-end or back-end. Currently I am working with Awaaz.De.

As a front-end developer, I love to write code with plain old Javascript or using many of the popular fron-tend libraries like JQuery or frameworks like angularjs. As a back-end developer, currently my bread and butter is Django and its associated stack e.g. MySQL, Haystack, Elastic Search, etc.

You may want to check my work or my github. I often write answers on stackoverflow. Here's my profile. I also like to share my thoughts and write solutions on my blog here. If you would like to work on any open source project with me, please feel free to mail me or contact me here.


  • HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap
  • AngularJS, JQuery, JavaScript
  • Django
  • Git